The Happy Balance

We can help you achieve a happy balance

You appreciate quiet days around home, gardening, listening to the birds and the radio but also like getting out and about with family and friends. Your week involves catching up with friends in coffee shops, a meal or two out with a small group, or taking the dog for a walk in the park or along the sea front. You enjoy a daily activity.

Background noise can be challenging in these environments and at times it can be difficult to keep up with the conversation, you may sometimes miss things said. Communicating over the telephone is also important to you, it keeps you connected with others, particularly in recent times with the impact of COVID-19. You are looking for a device that is easy to use, discreet and comfortable that automatically adjusts to help you hear in background noise.

We’re listening... You’re looking for...

Enjoy crisp, natural sound with a hearing aid that automatically adjusts between calm and noisy environments. These hearing aids optimise speech understanding and listening comfort for quiet days at home and when in noise, out and about with family and friends. Noise is automatically reduced from behind you even in the absence of speech. Additional manual programs can be added for music and the telephone should you not wish to stream to your devices via Bluetooth.

We are committed to keeping you connected with your family and friends and engaged in all the things you enjoy. These hearing aids offer direct Bluetooth streaming, and an application for your smart phone for you to fine tune your listening experience.
The style of the hearing aid recommended depends upon your hearing loss, the anatomy of your ear and your personal preference. At All Ears & Speech we believe in tailoring hearing aids for every client to ensure comfort, along with exceptional clarity achieved through the precise positioning of the acoustic components in your ear. Available in a range of colours, you will feel confident and empowered to participate in life without limitations.

Need additional help in challenging listening situations?

We're All Ears!

For those listening situations where even the most advanced hearing technology does not meet all your listening goals, assistive listening devices can provide the added boost needed over distance or in loud background noise.

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