Hearing Protection

Your hearing is worth protecting

At All Ears & Speech a short appointment is required to take an impression of your ear to make custom ear moulds. This procedure involves placing a small foam tip in your ear canal followed by a “putty-like” material which replicates your ears unique shape. The material sets in approximately 3-5 minutes and is easily removed. Impressions are then sent to the manufacturer where they are scanned into computer programs and modified to make the perfect noise, sleep, or music attenuation plug for you.

Our custom hearing protection earplugs

It is never too late to start using ear protection. Hearing protection with custom made earplugs offers a personal solution for every type of noisy environment.

Phonak Serenity Choice earplugs

Solid noise protection ear plugs are able to reduce noise by up to 40dB. These earplugs are designed for people who work or frequent environments with a high level of background noise, i.e., industrial noise, construction, loud concerts, military, and aircraft personnel.

Love your partner but bothered by their snoring? This is the product for you. Designed for comfort and using the softest of materials, these earplugs are used for sleep (particularly for shift workers), study or to reduce outside traffic noise. Unlike foam plugs these earplugs will not gradually work their way out of your ears.

Young man in button shirt and hat, sitting down playing guitar with his custom made musicians ear plugs

Our team is often approached by musicians seeking the best ear protection while reducing sound levels evenly across all pitches to preserve clarity. Musicians are often exposed to loud levels of sound, and often for long periods of time. They need to protect their hearing whilst ensuring they can hear their own instrument/voice well.

Underwater photo in olympic swimming pool showing a swimmer confidently training with their swimming earplugs

Custom earplugs for swimming are recommended for those with grommets, ear drum perforations, or infection of the ear canal/middle ear. For those with a grommet or perforation in their ear drum, bacteria can enter the middle ear space when exposed to water. These moulds are designed to provide a comfortable but tight fit to prevent water from entering the ear canal. Thankfully, the plugs float to prevent loss.

Need additional help in challenging listening situations?

We're All Ears!

For those listening situations where even the most advanced hearing technology does not meet all your listening goals, assistive listening devices can provide the added boost needed over distance or in loud background noise.

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