Your Hearing

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You will be hearing things again that you haven’t heard for some time. It will take time and regular use of the hearing aids for your brain to adapt to hearing these sounds again.

Understanding Hearing Loss

The ear is a remarkably complex sound system. A good understanding of how we hear is beneficial for understand hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in many shapes, sizes and styles. The prescription for a hearing aid is determined by your hearing loss, the shape of the outer ear and your ear canal, and your ability to manage the device.

Implantable Hearing Technology

Implantable Hearing Technology is considered as an option when conventional hearing aids are no longer able to provide access to sounds for good speech understanding.

Your Hearing

At your first visit we want to hear all about you. You may have already spoken with our Audiology Assistant and have a good understanding of what will happen at your first appointment.

Need additional help in challenging listening situations?

We're All Ears!

For those listening situations where even the most advanced hearing technology does not meet all your listening goals, assistive listening devices can provide the added boost needed over distance or in loud background noise.