Hearing Aids

Which Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Which hearing aid is right for you depends on many factors including:
The best hearing aids go far beyond amplification to make lost sounds audible again. They can emphasize sounds coming from specific directions, differentiate types of sound, reduce noise and compress frequencies. This is all done automatically by the hearing aid, which recognizes and adapts to the situations the wearer is in.

BTE’s typically require an ear-mould and are used for more severe to profound hearing loss. BTE’s come in various sizes and colours and sit comfortably behind the ear. They are designed for durability and power, are more robust and easier to manage. Rechargeable devices are available, or you may prefer disposable batteries. 

Phonak Naida Paradise Hearing Aids on white background available at Alll Ears & Speech

RIC hearing aids also sit comfortably behind the ear; however, they are more discreet than BTE’s. The acoustic amplifier in these devices sits in the ear, rather than behind the ear. Small sleeve custom moulds are recommended for comfort and to ensure the acoustic component is positioned perfectly for an optimal listening experience. These devices come in a range of colours. Rechargeable devices are available, or you may prefer disposable batteries.

Phonak Virto M Hearing Aids on white background at All Ears & Speech

The size of a custom device depends on your degree of hearing loss and power requirements. These devices require good dexterity to manage, come in a range of colours and are custom fit to the outer portion of your ear.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Should hearing devices be indicated, your audiologist will discuss options with you that would best suit to your hearing loss and listening goals.

We will be open and honest in our recommendation of devices, ensuring your expectations are realistic.

The team at All Ears & Speech do not believe one size fits all. We strongly recommend custom earmoulds for every device. This means that the acoustic parameters (i.e., power and positioning of the speaker, tubing size and thickness etc) are all optimised for your ear shape, canal length and hearing loss. This ensures comfort, clarity, and optimal performance of the device.
To further customise your hearing aid fitting, our team uses Real Ear Measures to assess the actual level of sound pressure reaching your ear drum. Again, by taking the time to perform this measure we are not leaving anything to chance in optimising your hearing aid fitting.

Together we will fine tune your devices to optimize your listening experience.

Need additional help in challenging listening situations?

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For those listening situations where even the most advanced hearing technology does not meet all your listening goals, assistive listening devices can provide the added boost needed over distance or in loud background noise.