Cochlear Implants

CP910Cochlear Implant Solutions

Cochlear Implant solutions may help people with a moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss (cochlear loss) where conventional hearing aids no longer provide good speech understanding.

Hybrid – Cochlear Implant

There is also a cochlear implant solution specifically designed for people with a severe to profound high frequency hearing loss but who continue to have good useable hearing in the low frequencies (referred to as a steeply sloping hearing loss). This system delivers sound using a combination of hearing aid and cochlear implant technology referred to as “electro-acoustic stimulation”. If hearing was to decrease in the low frequencies at any time the low frequencies can then also be stimulated using the cochlear implant.


Learning to listen with a cochlear implant is not a quick process. Progress is highly dependent on the recipient’s initial audiology presentation and history, duration of deafness, support and motivation. A cochlear implant recipient will need to work through learning to listen again using a completely different sound to that they have heard before. The first step will involve gaining an awareness of sound using the new device, followed by associating meaning to this new sound. Recipients will then progress learning through a hierarchy of auditory skills.

The important thing to remember is that you are ensured expertise, care and ongoing support through the friendly staff of All Ears Audiology. You are not alone.


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