Implantable Hearing Technology

Implantable Hearing Technology is considered as an option when conventional hearing aids are no longer able to provide access to sounds for good speech understanding. Implantable hearing technology refers to hearing devices that require surgery, e.g. a cochlear implant or Baha technology.

The team at All Ears Audiology understand that each client presents with their unique hearing history, audiological presentation and listening needs. To ensure all suggested hearing solutions meet your listening goals and expectations you will be assessed and managed by 2 experienced audiologists. This ensures your continuity of care.

Recommendations made are based on results obtained during your pre-operative appointments in consultation with your ENT specialist. Pre-operative programs are tailored specifically for your clinical presentation. For some clients a number of implantable technology solutions may be suitable. We believe our pre-operative program ensures all hearing options are explored thoroughly and that you receive optimal pre and post-operative care.

Medicare rebates

Clients considered for implantable hearing technology solutions are typically referred by their General Practitioner and under the care of an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. As such, Medicare rebates will apply for some, but not all, assessment and management appointments. We will be able to provide you with detailed information regarding fees and charges associated with your pre- and postoperative requirements at your initial appointment.

Private Health

You may be entitled to a rebate through your Private Health fund for audiology appointments not covered by Medicare.

If you have Private Health Insurance that covers surgically implanted prostheses, implantable hearing technology is covered. You will however need to check with your fund regarding any out-of-pocket expense associated with the surgical procedure and hospital admission. There may be also be an out-of-pocket expense with your ENT specialist and anaesthetist. This can be discussed further should a recommendation be made for implantable hearing technology.

Pre-Appointment Suggestions

If you currently wear hearing aid(s) it is recommended that you see your hearing aid provider prior to your first appointment at All Ears Audiology. This is to ensure that your hearing aid(s) are working optimally for our assessments.

Any reports you can bring from your hearing aid provider would be most beneficial for your evaluation (this includes previous audiograms and speech testing). We would be delighted to discuss your results with your hearing aid professional following our assessments.

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