Will Hearing Aids Help Me?

Taking your first step towards hearing better is an exciting time. However it is completely normal to feel a little anxious as well.

You will be hearing things again that you haven’t heard for some time. It will take time and regular use of the hearing aids for your brain to adapt to hearing these sounds again. How quickly and successfully your brain adapts to this new sound is dependent on how long you have had your hearing loss. Your own voice may also sound different and high pitch noises may sound tinny and louder than you can remember, e.g. water flushing in the toilet may sound like a waterfall! Just remember, it takes time to adjust to the world around you again. With advanced technology, we can even program your hearing aids so that they gently and gradually adjust to the optimal program needed for your hearing loss.

Just as with glasses for vision, if you have a hearing loss in both ears it is important to aid both ears. How we hear best in noise is by the two ears working well together to compare and contrast information heard from both sides. This helps our brains to work out what information we are trying to listen to. Furthermore, studies have shown that the saying “Use it or Lose it” is very well applied to our hearing system. When a hearing loss is not aided the hearing system can deteriorate faster and the auditory pathway on that side become less efficient transmitting information. As indicated previously, the quicker a hearing loss is identified and managed the better the outcomes.

Hearing Aids are not a “quick fix”, as much as we would all like them to be. While you will be hearing better quickly, it will take time for your brain to adjust to this new information which can take weeks or even months. The team at All Ears Audiology will be here to support you along the way. Hearing tactics will also continue to be important to help achieve your listening goals.

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