Noise Exposure

Exposure to loud noises through work or leisure activities can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Hearing loss associated with noise may be the result of an intense but brief period of high-level noise exposure, or from repeated exposure to high-level sounds. The exact damage associated with intense noise exposure is still debated, however what we do know is that noise induced hearing loss primarily affects the higher frequencies having a significant impact on one’s ability to understand speech, particular in background noise.

Noise induced hearing loss is commonly associated with tinnitus (e.g. ringing in the ears). In fact, tinnitus is usually the main reason for people presenting with concerns in this area (please see tinnitus information).

Noise induced hearing loss has been long recognised as a cause of significant hearing loss. Many employers have now implemented hearing protection policies regarding the use of hearing protection and ensure staff have their hearing assessed prior to starting and regularly following. If you have worked in a noisy industry and have a hearing loss you may be entitled to compensation. The staff at All Ears Audiology are able to provide further information regarding worker’s compensation in this area.

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