Listening Devices

At All Ears Audiology we recognise that sometimes a hearing aid is not the solution or the only solution.

Assistive listening devices can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to a hearing aid.  Devices available include –

  • Amplified pocket talker headset (very basic device used for 1:1 conversations)
  • Amplified telephones (corded, cordless and mobiles) to communicate with hearing aids
  • Amplified doorbells
  • Amplified alarm clocks that also flash and shake to wake you up
  • Wireless amplified headsets for the TV (neck loop available to communicate with hearing aids)
  • TV adaptors which are Bluetooth and wirelessly communicate with the hearing aids linked via a separate device(or remote)
  • Bluetooth adaptors or microphones to be used in many environments e.g. lectures or meetings, classroom or for close range speech in a noisy environment
  • FM systems are designed to work either on their own or with a hearing aid. The microphone is worn by the speaker and it sends the speech directly to the transmitter which is received by the wearer via a headset or directly into the hearing aid.

These are just a few devices available.

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